The Why of Passionate Polemics

Today, like many other days, I wanted to share my opinion on a topic I am very passionate about. So where do I go? Why Facebook of course! After writing and rewriting at least 5 billion times, I came to a realization: I’m putting in all this effort, and 80% of people won’t care about this at all, 15% of people will like the post whether they read it or not, 4ish% of people will probably try to argue with me, and if I’m lucky 1ish% will care about the topic as much as or more than I do. (These statistics are definitely not made up.)

Immediately, I Googled “how to start a blog free.” I know… how lame, a blog. Everyone has one, from Oprah to your next door neighbor’s grandma, yet nobody reads them. But here’s my thinking: I didn’t and won’t connect any personal information to this, so people who know me won’t find it. So, the people (if any) that read this will be reading it because they want to, not because we’re Facebook friends or because we’re related. AND I can be 112% me and honest and say how I actually feel without being scared someone will jump down my throat!! I shall write whenever I feel inspired, so it will be very sporadic.

I am always open to new, *RESPECTFUL*, *INTELLIGENT* opinions, and I like hearing when people agree with me, so feel free to comment or contact me! Get ready for this crazy ride of my passionate moderately intelligent opinions on all sorts of topics!! And if you’re actually reading this: thank you!


One thought on “The Why of Passionate Polemics

  1. If you write the right words and someone out there looks up those same exact words on Google there’s a chance that they’ll find your blog. I’ve had it happen a few times and it feels great when that happens. Sometimes it takes months or years for your blog posts to be noticed. And even if they never get noticed don’t be discouraged because that’s normal.

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